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In the Fall of 2011 LaserSoft Imaging A.G. of Kiel, Germany, released Version 8.0 of SilverFast, its well-known, world-class scanning software.

I was an invited external tester of beta and pre-release versions. We identified the need for a new book on scanning, including complete instruction on all the features and settings of SilverFast 8 and SilverFast HDR 8, as well as the integration of SilverFast in workflows that include Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop, showing users how to optimize their images between the scan and post-scan workflow stages.

I wrote this book, which was published May 25th 2012 on the SilverFast website and announced by both LaserSoft Imaging and the Luminous-Landscape.

You will find the LaserSoft Imaging announcement and download page here, including free downloads of the Table of Contents, and the introduction to the book and guidance on chosing between the three versions of SilverFast: SilverFast 8 Book by Mark D Segal

You will find the Luminous-Landscape announcement with summary information here: Scanning Workflows with SilverFast 8....

Between the time the book was published and last August, LSI added features to SilverFast 8 which we considered worthy of an Up-Date focusing on those new features. This Up-Date is now available as a free download for all customers who bought the book, and indeed for anyone else interested in seeing what it's about; you may be interested in its parent book. But there is no obligation to buy anything and you won't be asked. You may download the Up-Date supplement here: SilverFast 8 Book Up-Date # 1.

You will find comments from users of the book on the Testimonials page.

No promises, but I intend to post articles here on various scanning solutions to challenging images as I work on them.

I also provide one-on-one instruction on the use of SilverFast either in person here in Toronto, or over the Internet. More information on instruction is provided here.
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